About the Weeks Act

Image via Beyond Brown Paper

“The year 2011 will mark the centennial of the Weeks Act — the ‘organic act’ of the eastern national forests. Not only did the law immediately lead to protection of eastern watersheds from further development and exploitation, but it made possible the long-term effort to replant and restore the eastern forests. As one historian has noted, ‘No single law has been more important in the return of the forests to the eastern United States.'” –Forest History Society

“Plymouth State University is celebrating the 100th birthday of one of the most successful land conservation efforts in U.S. and New Hampshire history. The Weeks Act was signed into law in 1911, after a decade-long debate about the role of the federal government in protecting forestlands. The Weeks Act, named after Massachusetts Congressman John Weeks, allowed the use of federal funding to purchase forest land for conservation. The Weeks Act appropriated $9 million to purchase 6 million acres of land in the eastern United States.” –Center for Rural Partnerships